Helicodideros muscivorus unique foliage

Helicodiceros muscivorus foliage3

There are few plants in the spring garden with more unique, three-dimensional foliage than the hardy aroid, Helicodiceros muscivorus or pig-butt arum.  Pig-butt arum emerges in late winter, and will flower in another couple of weeks before going dormant in late spring.  Hot, sunny sites for at least half a day are best.  Flower photos will be forthcoming in a couple of weeks.

Polygonatum odoratum ‘Koryu’ – Dragon Ridge Solomon’s Seal

Polygonatum odoratum Koryu6

Here’s an odd one from the garden…the unique Solomon’s seal, Polygonatum ‘Koryu’.  Each leaf is adorned with a central raised dragon ridge, giving the leaf an interesting multi-colored appearance.  Like most of the Solomon’s seals, this one is very easy to grow in moist to dry woodland soils, although very deep shade slows down the growth too much.

Podophyllum pleianthum flowering

Podophyllum pleianthum A1TW-004 flowers

Here’s another gem from Taiwan flowering in the garden today, Podophyllum pleianthum…one of the many great Chinese mayapples.  Moist to average soil moisture, and compost-rich soils grow the largest plants.  Unlike the US native mayapple, these don’t run or go summer dormant.