Ledebouria zebrina

Ledebouria zebrina in bud3

The little-known South African bulb Ledebouria zebrina sailed through our winter (single digits F) without a scratch and looks great right now.  Ledebourias are cousins to the more popular scilla, and this one gives a wonderfully tropical look to the garden.  The back of the leaves are striped like a zebra at the base (hence the name).  We have not idea how far north this might be winter hardy, but welcome your feedback.

Boehmeria ‘Glow Light’

Brightening up the woodland garden today is the lovely Boehmeria 'Glow Light' There's nothing like bright gold foliage to make a summer woodland garden come alive.  Below is Boehmeria 'Nichirin'.  While this one grows slowly in light shade, we've found it much better in half day sun.  Our oldest clump is now 6' wide x 2-3' tall..truly stunning in the garden today. Read more [...]

Newsletter Mix-up

Due to a delay in posting our July newsletter on the PDN Blog and Facebook page, we inadvertently implied an additional weekend for our Summer Open Nursery and Garden days. Please note that we will not be open this weekend July 25 – July 27, 2014. We are sorry for the mistake and hope you’ll join us for our Fall Open Nursery and Garden days September 12-14 and September 19-21. Be sure to check our website for the latest information on upcoming Open Nursery and Garden days.



Agave ovatifolia mutant

Agave ovatifolia Killer partial mutant

Here’s a teaser for the morning.  We’ve assembled a rather fun collection of variegated agaves (century plants), and here is a one-of-a-kind mutation we found on Agave ovatifolia, where the chimeral pattern is stable on one side of the plant and unstable on the other side.  The next chance to see this in person is when we host the Southeast Palm Society Meeting on August 9.  Visitors and guests are welcome to attend.