Blue plumbago/leadwort in flower

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides5 (2)It’s hard to beat the cobalt blue flowers of blue plumbago/leadwort in the summer garden. Here is our patch of the durable groundcover, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides in flower today…either full sun or light shade is fine.  Don’t confuse this with the tropical blue African plumbago, Plumbago auriculata…this one is winter hardy to at least Zone 5b.


Butterfly bush – Buddleia ‘Blue Heaven’

Buddleia Blue Heaven clump in flowerLooking especially great in the garden today is Buddleia ‘Blue Heaven’.  This amazing butterfly bush was hybridized to have a perfectly rounded, compact shape throughout the growing season without any clipping.  Here’s our amazing plant in the garden this week.


Crinum lilies in the garden

  This has been an amazing summer for crinum lilies at Juniper Level.  These mostly African species and their hybrids are wonderfully fragrant, hard-to-kill bulbs for the sunny garden.  Above is Crinum x baconii 'Maureen Spinks' of the showiest summer-flowering hybrids.   Another of the milk and wine striped crinum lilies is Crinum x digweedii 'Stars and Stripes''s a recent photo from the garden.  It just oozes with fragrance!If rosy pink is your thing, Crinum 'Rose Parade' is looking quite nice in the garden.  Crinum winter hardiness ranges from Zone 6 to Zone 8, depending on the species used in the cross.  You'll find the hardiness zones for each in our on-line catalog, where we offer 40 varieties...probably one of the largest selections you'll find.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend in the garden!   Read more [...]

Manettia (firecracker vine) in full flower

Manettia inflata2The amazing Manettia cordifolia has been in full flower for several weeks, and will continue for quite a while.  As you can imagine, this is hummingbird central.  Anita and I spent a good bit of time the other evening snapping photos of this amazing vine.


Another hardy cactus in flower

  We've enjoyed a late flowering hardy cactus in the gardens this week...Ferocactus wislizeni.  Normally not winter hardy here, this high elevation seedling has been fine in the garden for the last four winters...two of which dropped to single digits F.  If we get seed set, we'll grow some to share.   Read more [...]

New PDN catalog on-line

The New Fall 2015 Plant Delights Nursery catalog is now on-line with lots of great new goodies, like the plants picture below.  We hope you'll find a few that you can't garden without.  Enjoy!   .  Agave 'Ivory Curls' Fatsia 'Murakumo Nishiki' Helleborus 'Pipa's Purple' Lycoris x rosea 'Neon Nights' Monarda 'Bubblegum Blast' Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' Read more [...]

Amorphophallus kiusianus foliage and fruit

  One of our favorite summer garden plants are the amorphophallus (love lilies), and in particular, Amorphophallus kiusianus.  The foliage, which doesn't emerge before mid-June, resembles a miniature palm tree.  This species is very rot resistant, compared to some of the other hardy species.             Amorphophallus kiusianus also sets seed with only one of only a small number of species which can do so.  The seed initially turn pink, then age to cobalt blue in mid-summer.  We've had good winter hardiness reports with this into Maryland. We're currently sold out, but will have our next crop ready for harvest in fall. Read more [...]

Crinum lily season

This is such an incredible time of year for crinum lily flowering...Here is Crinum 'Rose Parade' looking fine this week, despite the hot temperatures. Crinum x baconii 'Maureen Spinks' of our personal favorites; one of the many milk and wine crinum lilies which thrives in both our summers and our winters. Crinum 'Stars and Stripes' is another of the great striped crinum lily that we just adore...flowering this week.  You can almost smell the sweet fragrance from here.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better selection of excellent crinum lilies.   Read more [...]