Plant Delights Nursery November 2014 Newsletter

Happy Thanks-Gardening PDNers! As we approach the holidays we are so thankful to share our plant passion with each of you. Thank you for ordering from PDN, reading our blog, and sharing our passion on social media. We are so blessed on many levels. New Catalog Update As you probably know, October and November are both catalog writing months at Plant Delights. This year, it's been great to take advantage of our improved wireless access at Juniper Level Botanic Garden to write from a golf cart as we traverse the garden with tape measures and cameras in hand. We're still amazed how often our measurements and observations in the garden are at such odds with information published by plant marketers on-line. So much of the discrepancy is because most plant breeders and plant marketers only trial plants for container production. You'd be shocked how many new plants are sold to an unsuspecting public that have never been trialed in a garden. We are in the process of assembling Read more [...]

Plant Delights plants on NCIS-LA

Several weeks ago, we shipped an order of Aconitum (monkshood) plants to the Hollywood producers of NCIS-LA for an episode of the show which just aired involving monkshood poisoning.  You can find episode 11-24 titled Traitor on line and watch our plants have their 15 minutes of fame.

Facilities Maintenance Position

Plant Delights still has an open position for a Full-Time Facilities Maintenance Specialist.  We’re looking for a handyman with good skills in a variety of areas.  You can find more by clicking the link above.  We’re also looking for some part-time help in this division as well.  If this sounds like you or someone you know (i.e. a retired spouse that you’d like to get out of the house)…please let us hear from you.

UNC-Charlotte Botanical Garden position open

With the retirement of Dr. Larry Mellichamp from the UNC-Charlotte Botanical Garden, UNC-C is looking to fill his position with two people.  The first position to be advertised is a Research Specialist, who will manage the greenhouse and gardens.  If you’re interested, the position is only open until the end of November.

Disporopsis pernyi – Evergreen Solomon’s Seal

Disporopsis pernyi Heronswood form

One of our favorite woodland garden plants is the evergreen solomon’s seal, Disporopsis pernyi.  Here’s a photo I just took to show how good it still looks after several nights around 20 degrees F.  It’s also about as tolerant of deep shade as any plant we grow.  We’ve had reports of it being winter hardy into cold zone 6/warm zone 5, although there it becomes deciduous.

Lycoris foliage

The key to determining which lycoris will grow well in your area is foliage emergence time.  Lycoris, as a group, are summer flowering bulbs, whose foliage emerges after flowering and grows during the winter season.  Lycoris can be divided into two groups...those whose foliage emerges in fall/early winter, and those whose foliage emerges in late winter. Above is a photo of the fall-emerging Lycoris radiata that I just took here at Plant Delights.  Lycoris with early emerging foliage has a tough time thriving where winter temperatures drop below 0 degrees F in winter. Each clone of a species or hybrid group does have varying cold tolerances.  Temperatures near 0F can severely burn the foliage, which keeps the plant from producing enough food to flower. Consistent years at or below 0 degrees F will eventually deplete the bulb of food, resulting in death.  Lycoris species like L. x squamigera, L. sprengeri, L. longituba, L. chinensis, and a few others have foliage that emerges in Read more [...]

Schefflera delavayi

Schefflera delavayi in flower5

The hardy Schefflera delavayi is looking great after two nights in the 20s this year…still in full flower.  We’ve got a great looking crop ready to ship!  These survived single digits last year with no problem and have been growing happily here since 2003.  We’d love to hear from folks who have tried them in colder climates.