Plant Delights Open Nursery and Garden Second Weekend

  We begin our second Winter Open Nursery and Garden weekend with bright, sunny skies...a welcome contrast to much of weekend one.  The greenhouses are brimming with wonderful perennials, awaiting to be adopted.  Here's one of the sales greenhouses today with some of our bulb offerings.  Our bulbs are grown in containers in greenhouse cold frames, which are kept around 32 degrees F, so they are ready to be dropped into the ground. Here is a flat of one of my favorite bulbs, the winter-flowering false yellow crocus,(Nothoscordum sellowianum)....deliciously fragrant!   We hope you'll join us this weekend to find some new goodies for your garden, while taking time to stroll the grounds.                 Read more [...]

A Beautiful Day at Plant Delights/Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Despite the weather forecasts, today turned out to be a beautiful sunny winter day with temperatures in the mid 40s.  Snow melt continues at a fast pace in most parts of the garden. The hellebores in the garden are still blooming well despite the recent weather. As one pile of snow melted away today, we found a lovely Narcissus romieuxii in flower. The hellebores greenhouses are still filled with amazing plants, just waiting to be adopted. Even the non-hellebore greenhouses are full and waiting for new garden homes.  Open nursery and garden continues through this Sunday and again next Friday through Sunday. Finally, one of my real joys this winter has been sitting at the lunch table with Anita watching the birds.  This week, we counted 21 goldfinches at once, and made our first feeder spotting of a red-headed woodpecker, and a yellow-rumped warbler.  Who knows what else awaits. Read more [...]

New Plants Online – February 2015

Buy New Plants! Shop now – we’ve just added over 35 new plants to the online catalog, including a number of ferns, several hard-to-find cyclamen, several crinum lilies, hostas, peonies, and even a couple more agaves and hellebores …most available in very limited quantities, so order now. Shop the entire collection of new 2015 plants here. Visit & Shop Open Nursery & Garden Days Visit us and shop if you live in the area. Our Juniper Level Botanic Garden and Plant Delights Nursery Winter Open Nursery and Garden Days start this week, beginning February 27th. This is our first of eight public open nursery and garden weekends this year and you will be AMAZED how the gardens display their beauty this time of year. Remember to bring your camera as the beauty of the colors and textures of the winter garden are magnificent. Winter open nursery is peak time for hellebores blooming in the garden and you may select your favorites from hundreds of specimens in flower and Read more [...]

Plant Delights Open Nursery and Garden ready

It's almost time for our first open nursery and garden days for 2015, starting tomorrow, Friday.  To create some interesting photographic moments, we've spread this white powder all over the garden. Despite what you may have seen on television, PDN has only about 1/2" on the ground, so the staff is here and working to make sure we're ready for your visit. The roads near the nursery only have some slush remaining, which should be gone by days' end. PDN'ers Dave (front) and Thomas (back) are wrapping up construction of our new fence today.  Dave recently moved here from Michigan, so we blame him for bringing the white stuff with him. Here are a few garden shots if you can't get here before the white stuff goes away...Agave 'Grey Gator' and the gold leaf Illicium 'Florida Sunshine' in the background. Our Southwestern alpine garden is blanketed in white...great photo ops await! I love the form of Celtis 'Green Cascade' (weeping Chinese Hackberry) accented Read more [...]

Tony’s Piano for sale


On a note unrelated to plants, I have decided to sell my piano, which was purchased new around 1980.  Believe it or not, I took lessons for eight years of lessons as a youngster.  This piano is one I purchased as a recent newlywed around 1980.  I have come to the realization that my chances of finding time to play again aren’t realistic, so I’m hoping to find it a loving home.  If interested, and you’re in the local area, click the Craigslist link .

Open Nursery and Garden – Helleborepalooza

Only four days remain before the start of our 2015 Winter Open Nursery and Garden.  The greenhouses are brimming with flowering hellebores....2000 in full flower, by our count this morning. This is a great chance to visit and hand-pick your favorite lenten roses, although  all PDN plants for sale are also available.  Here are just a few more hellebore images we shot this morning. Helleborus x hybridus 'Rose Quartz' Helleborus x hybridus 'Golden Lotus' Helleborus x hybridus 'Red Sapphire' Helleborus 'Penny's Pink'.  The garden is fully decked out in its winter attire, although the ice has nearly melted.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend and next!     Read more [...]

Winter weather

We hope you're enjoying winter, where ever you might be reading this.  If you live near Boston...skip this section. Our winter in NC started out cold, then moderated during January, followed by an unusually late February blast of arctic air. While we've not been as cold as last winter, our cold has come much later.  This year, we've had five days after the end of January when the temperatures dropped below 20 degrees F.  Last year, we had one.  Our 9 degree F low last night was the latest recorded date for us to drop into the single digits since we began keeping records in 1978. If all the plants make it through another night in the teens F tonight, temperatures should start to moderate as we approach March and our Winter Open Nursery and Garden Winter precipitation offers us so much opportunity to learn by carefully observing.  Here is an image of our front grotto walk today.  You can see which areas warm first and which areas stay cooler longer.  Understanding Read more [...]

More highlights from Seattle

My first stop in Seattle was the Downtown Convention Center, which was hosting the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  Despite my uneasiness of mass transit, and lack of sense of direction in big cities, I threw caution to the wind and took the Link Light Rail from the airport to downtown ($2.75 fare compared to $50 for a taxi).  Amazingly, it delivered me only a couple of blocks from the Convention Center, which my cell phone was able to locate. The Flower show was like other flower shows in many ways, yet very different in others.  The central garden displays were over the top, as is often the case at these shows, but the show felt much less pretentious than my last trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Overall, I think it's the best flower show I've ever attended. I normally avoid the vendor areas of the show, filled with hot tubs and aluminum siding, but that was not the case here.  There was an array of fascinating plant vendors, botanical gardens, garden related Read more [...]