Herniharia ‘Sea Foam’

Hernaria glabra Sea Foam patch

Herniaria ‘Sea Foam’…aka variegated rupturewort is a plant I’ve long adored, but one that hadn’t exactly thrived for me in the ground.  Well, this spring, I tried on a compost rich, evenly moist bed in full sun for a half day and bingo…it has excelled there.  This delightful dwarf groundcover has tiny leaves, each with a narrow golden border.  Here’s a photo of it as we go into fall.

Aster pilosus – frost aster

Aster pilosus Bama Superstar in flower2

The lovely native Aster pilosus is looking great in the garden this weekend.  We grow this for the incredibly fine-textured foliage, the lovely floral show, but most of all for the incredible way the flowers dry on the plant…unlike any other aster we’ve ever seen…truly stunning!

Making room for more plants

Backhoe removing NS hollies by ghse 10 (Katie B)

The last few weeks have been spent ripping out a 20-year old hedge of large Nellie Stevens hollies adjacent to the greenhouse shopping area….a great excuse to try out our new (used) Volvo backhoe.  As fast as the hedge is removed, it’s being replaced by a much more diverse rock garden style planting that you’ll be able to enjoy while you’re shopping.  We hope you’ll enjoy these big changes when you visit for winter open nursery and garden.

Agapanthus ‘Ellamae’

Agapanthus Elaine finished flower head

Not only do I enjoy the flowers of agapanthus (lily of the nile), but I enjoy their flower stalks long after they finish flowering.  The the old flower heads remain fascinating in the garden for months after the flowers drop.  I just took this photo in our clump of Agapanthus ‘Ellamae’…these would be great for making really exotic flower arrangements.

PDN Fall Sale – 20% Off

We've just completed our fall inventory and as often seems to happen, some of the coolest plants didn't sell in the numbers that we'd hoped so we're left with extra inventory…the nature of offering so many non-mainstream plants. Consequently, and because we need space to propagate and pot new plants for spring, we're offering those over 150 plants at 20% off. The sale plants must be ordered by midnight Sunday November 2, 2014 and scheduled to ship or be picked up no later than Friday November 7, 2014. Quantities are limited on some items, so sale prices are only valid while current stock lasts. Click here to shop all sale plants. Read more [...]