Hardy Asparagus fern, Asparagus virgatus

I just snapped this photo of the South African Asparagus fern, Asparagus virgatus, in the garden.  This is one of my favorite hardy foliage plants.  Not only does it provide a nice foil for bolder foliage, but it grows in sun or light shade, and doesn't go dormant until mid-January.  The white flowers are tiny, but you can enjoy the late fall red berries without a hand lens. Did I mention this is what the florists sell as filler for cut flower arrangements?  Now you can grow your own...this is just one great multi-purpose plant.  I don't know anyone growing this outdoors in a colder zone, but it didn't miss a blink at 5 degrees F. last winter. Read more [...]

More new garden construction here at Juniper Level

2014 9249 Ghse 8 bed construction

Here’s our latest new garden construction at Juniper Level Botanic Garden.  We’re clearing out an entire hedge of giant Nellie Stevens hollies behind the Open House sales greenhouses and replacing them with a more diverse and intricate planting.  All of our beds are composed of a soil mix that we make: 50% native soil and 50% compost.  It’s soil preparation like that makes plants grow so well and so insanely fast.  It’s our goal to have this project completed by our next open house in February.

Mekong Giant Banana

Musa xi Mekong Giant

With our moist summer weather this year, the bananas have grown amazingly well.  Here’s our clump of Musa ‘Mekong Giant’ in the garden.  While it hasn’t grown taller than Musa basjoo, it spreads like no other bananas we’ve tried, making a huge tropical-looking mass. There are few better ways to add a tropical touch to your garden than with a hardy banana.

Hibiscus aculeatus

Hibiscus aculeatus

Here’s the lovely Hibiscus aculeatus in flower now in the garden.  Although the flowers don’t reach the enormous proportions of Hibiscus moscheutos, the soft yellow flowers of the southeast US native perennial Hibiscus aculeatus are a welcome color in the fall garden and the sandpapery leaves keep foliage-eating insects at bay.

Peony obovata in seed

Paeonia obovata seed pods3

The Chinese Paeonia obovata is one of the few peony species that’s grown as much for its seed as for its flowers…the seed last much longer.  Here’s a photo I just snapped in the garden of its amazing seed pods.  Be sure to see this when you visit this weekend for our final Open Nursery and Garden days for 2014.

Plant Delights Nursery September 2014 Newsletter

Greetings PDN'ers! PDN Fall Nursery News We hope you've received your copy of the Fall 2014 Plant Delights Nursery catalog. Kudos to our graphic designer Shari Sasser at Sasser Studios for the catalog redesign and new look. Among other things, the fall catalog includes three new aucubas, six new crinum lilies, and twenty new fern offerings. These are a fraction of the many exciting new plants you'll find either in the print version or online. It's always interesting for us to see what sells and what doesn't. Top sellers from the fall catalog so far include, Adiantum venustum, Agapanthus 'White Heaven', Agave 'Huasteca Giant', Agave 'Shadow Dancer', Alstroemeria 'Koice', Aster 'Fanny', Begonia 'Pewterware', Bouvardia 'Scarlet Hummer', Canna 'Pacific Beauty', Dryopteris erythrosora v. prolifica, Echinacea 'Fatal Attraction', Epimedium 'Domino',  Eucalyptus neglecta, Heuchera 'Citronelle', Hibiscus 'Kopper King', Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel', Hosta 'Orange Read more [...]

The greenhouses are full of great plants!

Many folks don't realize that we grow our own plants here at Plant Delights.  This allows better control of availability, quality, and trueness to name.  Here are current photos of three of our stock houses where the plants are grown...one with cannas and gingers, another with agaves and yuccas, and one with elephant ears.  Your orders are pulled from stock in these greenhouses.  Whether you order on-line or are able to visit during our final upcoming Open Nursery and Garden weekend, we hope you'll be very pleased with our plant quality.  Thank you for being a Plant Delights customer. Read more [...]