New hellebores for sale with some quantity discounts…while they last

Helleborus x hybridus Red Sapphire (E OByrne)In case you aren’t on our email list, we just added a large number of new hellebores to the website, including some quantity discounts where supplies allow. FYI, the photo above is Helleborus x hybridus ‘Red Sapphire’. Once these are gone, that’s all the hellebores we’ll have for the rest of the year!


Lonely heloniopsis

Heloniopsis orientalis Purple Sprite in flowerOne of the first plants to flower in the moist woodland are the lovely heloniopsis.  Here’s Heloniopsis orientalis ‘Purple Sprite’ in flower today.  Heloniopsis was a former member of the giant Lily family, until the great taxonomic breakup moved it into the Melanthiaceae family.  The easy-to-grow Heloniopsis (Zone 5a-8b) are a great way to add a touch of color to the late winter garden…add moist soil, and voila!




Jumping Jacks

Arisaema thunbergii unfurling


The Jack-in-the-pulpits are finally making an appearance at Juniper Level.  Here’s Arisaema thunbergii in the garden today looking quite enthralling. Arisaema thunbergii is one of the easiest jacks to grow and one that multiplies quite well in the garden.  Because arisaemas take several years from seed to flower, when the current flowering-size stock is gone, it won’t be available again until next spring.



Iris unguicularis ‘Mary Bernard’

IrIris unguicularis Mary Bernard flower

Iris unguicularis ‘Mary Bernard’ is looking quite lovely in the garden today. We like to snip back the foliage in early March, so we can really enjoy the sweetly fragrant flowers!  We’re offering five distinct selections of winter iris this year. Winter hardy through Zone 6.

New Pink Bloodroot – teaser only

Sanguinara canadensis Plant Delights PinkPart of the fun of gardening is growing plants from seed in hopes of finding something new. In the 1990s we found a couple bloodroots, (Sanguinaria canadensis) in the Virginia mountains that had pink buds that opened white…pure white is normal.  For the last fifteen years, we’ve been growing seed from these plants in hopes of one day getting one that opened pink.  This year, we won the horticultural lottery.  In flower today is our only plant, so it will take years to have enough to share, but here’s a peek into the future.


What’s a heloniopsis?

Heloniopsis orientalis Flash Dance in flowerI just snapped this photo of the fascinating Heloniopsis orientalis ‘Flash Dance’ yesterday. The amazing and unusual winter flowers are just perfect atop the variegated foliage.  Heloniopsis grows well with pitcher plants, needing somewhat moist (not wet) soils.  The mature height is only 6″ tall in flower.   Zone 5a hardy.