Hardy Orchid time – Calanthe

The first of the hardy orchids to flower for us are the Asian calanthes.  These easy-to-grow woodland orchids are simply wonderful…here is Calanthe discolor in our garden this week. Some of our oldest clumps are now several feet across. Hardiness … Continue reading

Hardy Orchids from seed

I was looking at our patch of Bletilla ‘Brigantes’…a hardy orchid hybrid between Bletilla striata and Bletilla ochracea and wondering what its offspring would look like.  I recalled that the late plantsman Don Jacobs grew bletillas from seed in his … Continue reading

Hardy Lady Slipper Orchids!!

Cypripedium, Lady Slipper Orchids, is a genus of woodland garden plants that are among the most desired of all native hardy orchids for sale, despite their often finicky requirements. Plant Delights Nursery is excited about our bare root shipment of responsibly grown, … Continue reading

Cypripedium ‘Hank Small’ ladyslipper orchid

I remember when I discovered we could actually grow ladyslipper orchids in the garden, despite so many stories of them being impossible to cultivate.  The reality is that one ladyslipper, Cypripedium acaule is tough to move.  Otherwise, they’re easy.  I … Continue reading

Hardy Lady Tresses Orchid – Spiranthes

One of my favorite fall-flowering perennials has to be the easy-to-grow native orchid, Spiranthes cernua var. odorata.  I just snapped this photo in the garden where it’s been flowering for nearly a month.  For us, it fares well in partial … Continue reading

Calopogon tuberosus (Grass Pink Orchid)

Looking very good at Plant Delights Nursery is our crop of the North American native orchid, Calopogon tuberosus.  We have found these to grow wonderfully in straight peat moss, if it’s kept moist. We are very excited to be able … Continue reading

Cypripedium ‘Siggi’ Ladyslipper Orchid

I wish everyone could see the amazing ladyslipper orchids flowering in the garden now…here is Cypripedium ‘Siggi‘ today.  These are so easy to grow if you take time to prepare the soil with lots of compost.  Another reason to attend … Continue reading

Calanthe sieboldii – hardy orchid

I just snapped this photo of one of my all-time spring garden favorites…the hardy orchid, Calanthe sieboldii.  These easy-to-grow woodland orchids prefer average to slightly moist soil.  We’re just a the tip of peak orchid season in the woodland gardens … Continue reading

Spring Open Nursery & Garden is Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe that spring open nursery and garden days is almost here. Spring is always a busy time of year and our nursery and garden staff have been working tirelessly making sure the gardens are in prime condition … Continue reading