Hosta ‘Electrocution’

And here’s one of our more unique hosta introductons looking good in the gardens today.  Unlike many narrow, wavy leaf hostas which loose their unique wavy leaves once established in the garden, Hosta ‘Electrocution’ continues to maintain this look.  This … Continue reading

Hostas emerging at Plant Delights

Plants in the nursery cold frames are finally emerging as spring begins.  Here’s a new photo from one of our hosta greenhouses.  If you’re used to receiving small, recently propagated hostas from other mail order companies, we think you’ll be … Continue reading

Friday Morning Podcast

When designing your garden, incorporate as many visual treats as possible. So in addition to selecting plants for their attractive flowers and leaves, consider choosing some perennials for their ornamental seed or fruit. Here are some decorative seed pods in … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Neighbors

There are many great garden-worthy native plants that are under utilized, not readily available, or not even on the radar of many gardeners. If you aren’t familiar with, or haven’t grown these native beauties, you should get acquainted! Erigeron is … Continue reading

Spring Open Nursery & Garden is Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe that spring open nursery and garden days is almost here. Spring is always a busy time of year and our nursery and garden staff have been working tirelessly making sure the gardens are in prime condition … Continue reading

Cast Iron Tough

Now that winter is giving us a sneak preview of what’s in store for the next few months,  the evergreen plants in the garden are really starting to shine without all those pesky deciduous perennials. Aspidistra, or cast iron plants, … Continue reading

New, Hard-to-Find Sacred Lilies (rohdea) available

We began growing sacred lilies back in the 1970s, when few people in the US, outside of a handful of fanatic collectors were growing them. The only large scale grower of the green species, Rohdea japonica, was our friends, the … Continue reading