Friday Morning Podcast

Here are some seedpods and seed heads from the garden today. Seedpods/fruit don't have to be colorful to be decorative. EchinaceaPennisetumVernonia The shape of the seed capsule as well as hairs and filaments that capture light also add ornamental value. HibiscusHypericumIris Read more [...]

Hibiscus aculeatus

Hibiscus aculeatus

Here’s the lovely Hibiscus aculeatus in flower now in the garden.  Although the flowers don’t reach the enormous proportions of Hibiscus moscheutos, the soft yellow flowers of the southeast US native perennial Hibiscus aculeatus are a welcome color in the fall garden and the sandpapery leaves keep foliage-eating insects at bay.

Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’

Hibiscus Cranberry Crush4

Unlike most hibiscus, I can’t detect a bit of blue in Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’…but then, you know what they say about most men being color blind.  The hardy hibiscus are just looking fantastic in the garden now…how many do you grow?

2007 Plant Delights Nursery September Newsletter

It's been quite a month since we last talked. August at the Raleigh-Durham airport was the hottest month here since records have been kept... some 60+ years. As part of our 3-week heat binge, our 105 degree F temperature also tied a record for hottest temperature. Our 101 degree F temperature on September 10 smashed our old record of 97 degrees F. We can usually ship orders if the temperatures remain around 90 degrees F, but this summer has been the first since we have been in business that we have missed 3 consecutive weeks of shipping because of high temperatures. Rain has either occurred in the form of deluges or has been virtually non-existent depending on where you live. I expect many of us are ready for the weather patterns to change... we can't even manage a decent tropical storm this year, despite the ominous hurricane predictions by the climate experts.

We've got one open house weekend under our belt and one more to go. Despite the weather, the gardens look quite good, so come Read more [...]