New hostas for 2016

    We are pleased to introduce two new miniature hostas from our own breeding program for 2016.  Many years ago, we began work to create miniature hostas with good vigor and good multiplication rates.  The first few years resulted in hostas that were either miniature or vigorous, but not both.  After several generations, our goals were realized and these are the first two introductions from that work.  Hosta 'You're So Vein' is a 2004 cross... a hybrid of Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears' with unique leaf veins, which are most prominent in the early season.   Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is our other 2016 introduction of a cross we made back in 2007.  This is also a hybrid and not a sport of Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'.  The vigor is outstanding as is the multiplication rate and leaf thickness.  The foliage color also holds very well through the summer.  We predict both of these will become standard with collectors of small and miniature Read more [...]

Hostas looking good in the garden

Here are some new hosta images from the garden, starting with the miniature Hosta 'Church Mouse'...very cool ruffled edges. Here is Hosta 'Rainbow's End'...a stunning favorite that just glows. Another superb small hosta, Hosta 'Virginia Reel'. Love this plant Here's a fascinating hosta image just captured by staff member Jim Burgan, who noticed the light coming through the fern onto the hosta leaf...pretty cool. Read more [...]

Laurentia fluvitalis groundcover

Laurentia fluvitalis5

One of the really tiny and well-behaved groundcovers for summer interest is Laurentia fluvitalis.  Here it is flowering in the garden today at under 1″ tall with lovely sky blue flowers…perfect for a miniature garden.  Good sun, and slightly moist soils are best.

Plant Delights Nursery E-Newsletter August 26, 2010

Dear PDN'ers: Greetings from PDN where fall is finally in the air, after a long, hot summer. We’ve been enjoying a deluge of rain (6.5" in the last 2 days) after an extended dry spell in midsummer. Along with the cooler temperatures, plants are starting their fall flush and in some cases, rebloom. For those who couldn’t work in the garden during the oppressive heat, now is a great time to get back into the garden and add some new plants...hint, hint. We hope you all have your new fall catalog by now, have visited the new website, and have found some treasures that you just can’t live without. Remember that only a short time remains before we open for the final time for 2010, September 10-12 and 17-19. The gardens have on their fall coat with an array of foliage and flowers to enjoy. Every Fall Open House we sell off a few of our largest potted variegated agaves that have been restarted, so if these are of interest, drop by to see what is available...many are quite rare but much Read more [...]

2010 Plant Delights Nursery April Newsletter

Dear PDN'ers: Greetings from PDN, where we're in the midst of a wonderful spring season. Although we had a short hot spell early in April, overall, it's been a very nice spring for the plants. Because of our prolonged cold winter and the lack of a late spring frost, we had one of the best magnolia seasons in memory, and now the perennials are bursting forth with amazing vigor. Without question, we've also had the best peony season ever.and it's not even over yet. We continue our peony trials for varieties that will grow and flower well, even in the low-chill southeast. Our offerings reflect the best of those trials that we have been able to make available so far. Our hostas in the garden are also looking great this spring.mainly because we focused our efforts on improving the soil and moisture where we grow them in the garden. We discovered early on that hostas do not thrive in sandy soils, even when compost is added. Once we added a small bit of clay to our mix however, their performance Read more [...]

2010 Plant Delights Nursery March Newsletter

Dear PDN'ers: So far, it's been a great spring in Raleigh as we just missed a late spring frost when the temperature dropped to 33 degrees F on March 27, after 3+ weeks of above freezing temperatures. We've got a couple weeks that could still have a killing frost, so we're keeping our fingers...and other body parts crossed until then. I recently returned from speaking to a great group in northwest Arkansas, who weren't as lucky. Despite being 70 degrees F when I first arrived, I left just before a snowstorm dropped a foot of snow on the region and adjacent to Oklahoma. The area is still recovering from a massive ice storm 2 years earlier that left the region looking like low-end tree pruning firms had a citywide special on tree topping. We've just added a batch of new plants to the web, most are available in a limited supply including some fabulous new hellebores from both Ernie and Marietta O'Byrne ( the Winter Jewels Series), and from Glenn Withey and Charles Price ( the Mardi Gras Read more [...]