Friday Morning Podcast

Here are some seed and seedpods from the gardens and the greenhouses today. Aucuba - zone: 7a-9bHesperaloe - zone: 7a-10b Muhlenbergia lindheimeri - zone: 6a-9bOpuntia - zone: 7a-10b, at least Aspidistra - zone: dependent on speciesDalea - zone: 3a-8b Read more [...]

Friday Morning Podcast!

Here are more interesting fruit and seedpods from the garden. Happy Holidays! Ruscus - Zone:7a-9bSauromatum - Zone:6a-10b Danae - Zone:6b-8bOpuntia - seed pods producing new pads - Zone:7a-10bRohdea - Zone:6a-10b Read more [...]

Hardy Cactus in bloom at Juniper Level Botanic Garden


For those who didn't get to our Open Nursery and Garden last week, here are some of the hardy cactus you missed in the new Souto Garden section.  We're passionate about hardy cactus, and have been so since we were hooked by a jumping cholla about 45 years ago.  I hope you enjoy the photos of this amazing group of plants.

Echinocereus nivosus

Echinocereus reichenbachii var. caespitosus

Echinocereus triglochiditis v. mojavensis

Gymnocalycium 'Bridal Showers' - a Mike Papay hybrid

Gymnocalycium doppianum

Gymnocalycium 'Panama Pink' - a Mike Papay hybrid

Notocactus paucidentatus

Notocactus submamulosus

Opuntia basilaris v. aurea 'Golden Carpet'

Opuntia 'Claude Arno'

Opuntia polycantha 'Crystal Tide'

Opuntia polycantha var. hystracina

Opuntia 'Little Monk'

Opuntia sp. nov. pink flowers

Trichocereus 'Big Time' (a Mike Papay hybrid of T. bruchii)

Trichocereus 'Irridescent Watermelon' - a Mike Papay hybridTrichocereus Read more [...]