Plant Delights Nursery September 2014 Newsletter

Greetings PDN'ers! PDN Fall Nursery News We hope you've received your copy of the Fall 2014 Plant Delights Nursery catalog. Kudos to our graphic designer Shari Sasser at Sasser Studios for the catalog redesign and new look. Among other things, the fall catalog includes three new aucubas, six new crinum lilies, and twenty new fern offerings. These are a fraction of the many exciting new plants you'll find either in the print version or online. It's always interesting for us to see what sells and what doesn't. Top sellers from the fall catalog so far include, Adiantum venustum, Agapanthus 'White Heaven', Agave 'Huasteca Giant', Agave 'Shadow Dancer', Alstroemeria 'Koice', Aster 'Fanny', Begonia 'Pewterware', Bouvardia 'Scarlet Hummer', Canna 'Pacific Beauty', Dryopteris erythrosora v. prolifica, Echinacea 'Fatal Attraction', Epimedium 'Domino',  Eucalyptus neglecta, Heuchera Read more [...]

Alstroemeria ‘Casablanca’

Alstromeria Casablanca4Just snapped this image of the amazing Alstroemeria ‘Casablanca‘ in the garden.  Although this was developed as a cut flower, it turned out to be an amazingly hardy perennial.  My friend, Hans Hansen has found this to be hardy for several years in Southern Michigan.

2007 Plant Delights Nursery November Newsletter

When we last talked, we were discussing drought, which is still an issue in many states, particularly in the southeast US. In our part of NC, we have been blessed with two major rains, a 3.5" storm in mid-September and a 4" rain in mid-October. Mind you, we're still in need of much more, but at least the trees are in better shape going into fall. The drought has already had a huge effect on nurseries in the region. In NC, the drought took out Messenbrink's Nursery, and the owners are in the process of liquidating their assets. Mark and Louisa's retail booth has been a popular anchor at the NC Farmers Market in Raleigh, while their wholesale division supplied garden centers throughout the region. Just south of us, Georgia-based Pike Family Nurseries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the severe drought severely impacted their business. Pike Nurseries is probably the largest independently-owned garden center chain in the US with 22 stores in the southeast and, at one time, Read more [...]

2007 Plant Delights Nursery July Newsletter

Greetings from Plant Delights and we hope the summer find you all well. We recently finished our 2007 Summer Open House and would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to visit and take home a few special plants. For those who have never been to visit us in the summer, this is a great chance to see numerous summer flowering plants, many of which only make an appearance during the summer months. We really hope we can encourage more folks to visit during this exciting time of year in the garden. If you missed our open house, we're just over a week away from hosting the Summer Meeting of the Southeastern Palm Society. This is a great chance to talk with other palm and exotic plant growers from around the southeast, as well as pick up some of the latest new plants. If you would like to attend and are not a member of SPS (we hope you will join SPS at the meeting), just email our Administrative Assistant, Julie Picolla, so we can get a head count of how many to Read more [...]

2001 Plant Delights Nursery December Newsletter

It's December, which means only a few more weeks remain before the new 2002 Plant Delights Nursery Catalog will hit the mail. All of the plants have been selected, the text has been written, and the photographs have been selected. Now, all that remains is to finish putting everything into a publishable format. David Lee, our master graphic arts designer/shipping manager is spending nights and weekends putting this all together. Over 150 new plants and over 700 color photographs grace the pages of the upcoming 2002 catalog, expanded from 96 to 116 pages. We hope to have good stock on all items, although anticipating demand for a new plant is anything but an exact science. We have essentially stopped shipping plants for 2001, unless we are apprized of a horticulture emergency to which we could respond. Newly arriving orders will be scheduled for spring 2002 shipment. Remember, there are still gift certificates. If you're tired of getting new ties, socks, or more golf balls than you Read more [...]

2001 Plant Delights Nursery October Newsletter

It's hard to believe, but the year is coming to a close...and without a hurricane to hit the US! Fall has been beautiful and consequently lots of folks have been planting in their gardens. Frankly, with all that's gone on in the world this fall, the garden is truly the place to be. I can easily remember back to the "good old days" when we didn't know a Taliban from a telephone. The change in consumer purchasing habits due to the terrorist disaster has had tremendous effects on our industry with many small nurseries folding up shop, while major players such as Burpee went in to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I cannot emphasize enough...patronize your favorite nurseries, be they local or mail order. Many small and some larger nurseries simply cannot endure income slow downs, particularly in the fall and winter. We are already looking forward to a big spring, and our greenhouses are nearly fully stocked. Stocked that is with a dizzying array of wonderful new plants. We are working nearly round-the-clock Read more [...]

2001 Plant Delights Nursery August Newsletter

I hope everyone now has received their fall catalog by now. Response to the larger color photos has been wonderful, which is really good because they were really expensive. The catalog is filled with many choice new items, so don't be left out as plants begin to sell out. So far fall orders are far exceeding last year, which as Martha would say, is "A good thing". We have just completed construction of a new underground irrigation tank, which will take the place of the one that collapsed back in June. This has been a time consuming and obscenely expensive task, that has left facilities manager Larry Blakeman, claustrophobic, covered in mud, and probably thinking about finding an air-conditioned office job. In the same area, Gary Mazur and Joe Steele of Raleigh's Envision's Co. are just finishing the installation of the new patio pavers around the new Southwestern Garden. We can't wait for you to see this area, filled with agaves and cacti...truly amazing! We would like to welcome Read more [...]

2000 Plant Delights Nursery November Newsletter

Well, the 2000 shipping season is drawing to a close, as we reach the end of November. This month has seen several of us glued to our desk, composing the 2001 spring catalog, which will go to the printer in early December, then in the mail on January 1. As always, there is an array of wonderful new introductions, including some of the most exciting new hostas in years! It's been a busy fall with traveling, and I must include a word of thanks to all the great audiences around the country. It is truly rewarding to get a chance to meet customers face to face, and share in your gardening successes. Our fall weather here at the nursery has been outstanding, even with the driest fall on record. If going without a hurricane means drought, then we'll take the drought. Granted we have had to apply a little more water to the display gardens than normal, but that's okay as well. You may be wondering what ended up as our top sellers for the season...and we didn't need four recounts to Read more [...]