Crinum lilies in the garden

  This has been an amazing summer for crinum lilies at Juniper Level.  These mostly African species and their hybrids are wonderfully fragrant, hard-to-kill bulbs for the sunny garden.  Above is Crinum x baconii 'Maureen Spinks' of the showiest summer-flowering hybrids.   Another of the milk and wine striped crinum lilies is Crinum x digweedii 'Stars and Stripes''s a recent photo from the garden.  It just oozes with fragrance!If rosy pink is your thing, Crinum 'Rose Parade' is looking quite nice in the garden.  Crinum winter hardiness ranges from Zone 6 to Zone 8, depending on the species used in the cross.  You'll find the hardiness zones for each in our on-line catalog, where we offer 40 varieties...probably one of the largest selections you'll find.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend in the garden!   Read more [...]

Crinum lily season

This is such an incredible time of year for crinum lily flowering...Here is Crinum 'Rose Parade' looking fine this week, despite the hot temperatures. Crinum x baconii 'Maureen Spinks' of our personal favorites; one of the many milk and wine crinum lilies which thrives in both our summers and our winters. Crinum 'Stars and Stripes' is another of the great striped crinum lily that we just adore...flowering this week.  You can almost smell the sweet fragrance from here.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better selection of excellent crinum lilies.   Read more [...]

Eucomis – Pineapple Lilies

The pineapple lilies have been just grand this summer in the garden.  Here is a recent image of one of our favorites...Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy' in its full splendor.  Hardiness 6b-8b. Eucomis autumnalis 'Naude's Neck' is a dwarf that's just amazing, and the flowers last for months in the garden. Eucomis are both drought and heat tolerant.  Hardiness is 6b-8b   Read more [...]

Clematis – different twists on an old favorite

Clematis 'Sapphire Indigo' is such a great plant in the perennial garden.  This non-vining clematis makes a short clump that flowers for us from spring through summer. It weaves nicely into nearby neighbors making delightful combinations. Another of our favorites is the amazing Clematis 'Roguchi'.  The bell-shaped flowers come from clumping clematis species, but this one does make a short-growing vine to 6-8' tall.  Clematis 'Roguchi' also flowers heavily, virtually non-stop during the growing season.  I can't imagine a summer garden without this. Here's the seed show on the East Coast native bush clematis, Clematis ochroleuca.  The flowers are nice also, but the long-lasting show are these golden seed heads. Here's another amazing bush clematis, Clematis recta 'Lime Close'.  This unique clematis makes a 3' tall mound of foliage that emerges dark purple, and an incredible cloud-like show of white flowers...simply superb.       Read more [...]

30′ tall Flowering Agave – a pollinators dream

Agave Grey Gator in full flower at top with ladderIt’s been absolutely amazing to watch the swarm of honeybees, ants, and hummingbirds feeding on our giant 30′ tall flowering agave.  Here’s an updated photo of the blessed event from yesterday.  This weekend’s final summer open house is the last chance to see it in person.


Plant Delights July 2015 Newsletter

Greetings PDNers! Summer Open Nursery and Garden Come see our 30 foot flowering agave at our final Summer Open Nursery and Garden Days this weekend. Visitors from around the country have been showing up to see our giant agave in flower, a 16-year-old specimen of Agave salmiana x Agave asperrima, with the first flowers opening right on cue for our summer open days. This is the tallest century plant we've ever flowered, with the tip of the spike topping out just a few inches below the 30' tall mark. We've got our giant ladder perched nearby so Jeremy can make his daily pollinations, all while fighting off attacking hummingbirds. We hope you'll have time to walk around the garden while you're here. The newly-opened, full sun Souto garden is looking fabulous, with so much color it's almost overwhelming. Changes also abound throughout the older sections of the garden. Anita has suggested the removal of several formerly fenced and hedged areas to create more openness...we think you'll Read more [...]

Giant Agave flowering

Here's our research staff getting the giant ladder in place for breeding as the giant Agave salmiana x asperrima begins to open. And here's Jeremy, who heads up our Research Division, gathering pollen and making crosses.  Breeding agaves is a little different from breeding daylilies, iris, and hostas. We hope you'll join us during our summer open nursery and garden to see this monster in person.   Read more [...]

Incredible coneflowers

The echinaceas have been incredible in the garden this spring and summer.  Here are a few shots from JLBG last week.  First is Echinacea 'Julia'...a very compact orange-flowered coneflower with sturdy stems. Echinacea 'Salsa Red' is one of the most floriferous coneflowers we grow...truly amazing! Echinacea 'Secret Glow' this color and flower form!   Read more [...]

New plants for 2015 – Salvias

Two new salvias that stood out in side by side trials with industry standards are these new 2015 introductions.  The first is Salvia x sylvestris 'Violet Riot'. This full sun salvia has an incredible number of flowers and a longer flowering period compared to everything else on the market.  Hardiness is at least, Zone 4a to 8a.  This was bred by our friend Hans Hansen and his staff at Walters Gardens. Another equally superb new introduction, also from the Walters breeding program, is Salvia x sylvestris 'Pink Dawn'.  The heaviest flowering on both of these are in spring, but they all continue off and on through the summer.  Hardiness is also Zone 4a-8a.   Both also require full sun for at least 4 hours to perform well. Read more [...]

An explosion of perennial salvias

  The garden is ablaze with perennial salvias now, including several with blue or near blue flowers.  Above is Salvia 'Amistad'...a flowering machine that continues at the same pace all summer.  Unlike Salvia guaranitca, Salvia 'Amistad' does not spread via rhizomes, although it does form a wide clump. and here is Salvia guaranitica 'Argentina Skies'...a much lighter blue that does make a large patch due to its spreading nature.  Both plants are a feast for the bees. Read more [...]