Trout lilies in flower

Erythronium rostratum A2AL-065


Among many flowers in the garden today are the native trout lilies, Erythronium rostratum (Ohio to Texas).  This small woodland ephemeral perennial is amazing, both for its foliage and flowers.  By May, it’s gone to sleep for the summer.  We are growing these from seed, which should take 2-3 years to have flowering-size plants to share.  Would anyone purchase these if we had them available?

Aucubas in flower

  We have a thing for aucubas that gotten well out of hand.  Of course, you could say the same for many plant groups.  I was photographing in the garden this week and snapped this photo of a male aucuba in flower.  Most people who grow aucubas often opt for females, since they produce nice red fruit, but there will usually be no fruit without a male nearby.  While I love aucuba fruit, I think the males are the most stunning.  How many shrubs do you know that flower in the winter time?  We'd love to offer more male clones if anyone would purchase them.     Read more [...]

Boehmeria in flower

Boehmeria 'Glow Light' in our woodland garden this of the few rays of brightness we've seen in the garden after 11 straight days and over 6" of rain. Here's a closeup of Boehmeria 'Kogane Mushi' in flower this week.  Although we grow boehmeria for the foliage, the flower are also quite interesting.  Most of these are Zone 6a-9b and very easy to grow in light shade or part sun.   Read more [...]

Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’

Dryopteris erythrosora BrillianceHere’s a new photo of the evergreen Autumn fern, Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance‘ as it emerges in the woodland garden with its stunning new growth.


Polygonatum ‘Angel Wings’ (aka: ‘Carlisle’)

Polygonatum odoratum Angel Wings



The Solomon’s Seal, Polygonatum odoratum ‘Angel Wings’ looks delicious in the garden today!  Light shade to part sun is ideal.

Iris cristata in flower

The dwarf native woodland iris, Iris cristata are in flower here today.  Iris 'Montrose White' was introduced by Montrose Gardens in NC.  Iris cristata is native in shade, but flowers much better when given a couple of hours of sun. Iris cristata 'Powder Blue Giant' is incredibly floriferous in the garden today.  These spring flowering groundcovers are just delightful.   Read more [...]

Epimediums on Parade in the Garden

What an incredible week for epimediums here at Juniper Level.  The first photo is our introduction, Epimedium 'Songbirds' insanely heavily flowered yellow selection. Epimedium wushanense 'Starlite' is our selection of the amazing Chinese species, which boasts large terminal inflorescences on a plant that approaches 2' tall.     Epimedium zhushanense is another incredible Chinese species with large bicolor, spider-like flowers.  We think these are truly stunning in the woodland garden. Read more [...]

Paeonia japonica – a peony for shade

Paeonia japonica two flowersThe Japanese woodland peony, Paeonia japonica just opened yesterday in the garden!  Unlike most other peonies, this one requires light shade, so plant it with hostas and ferns.  Our supply of these is always limited, so if you like it, don’t delay in getting one for your garden.


Asarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ in flower

Asarum maximum Shell Shocked in full flowerAsarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ is quite stunning in the garden today.  Here it is in full flower in our woodland garden taken yesterday.  This selection is dramatically more vigorous and floriferous than any other clone of the panda ginger we’ve grown.


Gathering aspidistra seed

Aspidistra seed pod harvestI spent the weekend enjoying winter garden clean-up and moving a few plants around. This time of year, the garden is like an Easter egg hunt, with treasures popping through the ground everywhere you look.

I was thrilled to discover a huge crop of aspidistra seed, which we’ll plant shortly.  Most folks move through the garden too quickly to see the seed pods, which nestle at ground level.